1. What’s wrong with Liverpool? They’ve been underachieving for their
    standards the past 2-3 years, but they are still a top club regardless.
    Eventually they’ll be the Liverpool people have known for years again one
    day soon. Also, what’s wrong with being an American and supporting an
    english club? I am Spanish living in USA, but then why do you support
    Madrid? No eres Madrista. Nationality doesn’t matter you silly boy, it is a
    sport enjoyed and loved by all. Aprendes algo estupido.

  2. i support madrid for a reason and a reason that proves i could i am
    portuguese i actually support united more then madrid but the reason why my
    name has madrid in it because of ronaldo apparently you say your spanish
    boooo hooooo your just another mexican who says you support a club but have
    never been to a game right? l0l sad kid….. i have been to portugal more
    times then you have been on vacation and i have been to spain aswell in
    europe so dont tell me you support a club because you dont

  3. huh? Lol I’m not going to even bother replying to what you said, it’s too
    immature and stupid. Good day to you.

  4. As much as I don’t like Liverpool I’m glad he’s playing for them – the lack
    of depth in their squad has allowed Sterling to take a first team place and
    he’s exploited it exceptionally; it’ll be very hard for a different player
    to take his spot. He’s just exploded onto the scene and he can only get
    better – bright future there.

  5. shut the fuck up and piss off ….. ure just another fucking ronaldo
    fanboy. so go suck a dick and play with ur loose cunt

  6. all i can say is USWNT is better than all of this we’ve got alex morgan,
    tobin heath, and kelley o hara suck on tht

  7. @DANNY10MADRID This type of argument is literally, LITERALLY the stupidest
    argument going! Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal,
    Barcelona, Bayern and even Leeds are world wide supported clubs so does it
    matter if you’ve travelled 1000 miles to see them play if?

  8. says the one who from usa and an legit american lol i said liverfool to
    take the piss kid so stfu

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