Didier Deschamps got Contract Extension

The French Football Federation has agreed to offer Didier Deschamps with a contract extension that will see the coach remain in charge of the national side at least until the end of the 2018 World Cup.

Didier Deschamps managed to push the French team to the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup which has been their best finish in that competition since 2010 and it was impressive enough for him to receive a contract extension, this is good news for the French national squad which has been facing so much criticism in the past few years.

However, not everything is good news as there has been a string of negative news and rumors emerging concerning the upcoming 2016 Euro’s which is going to be hosted in France.

Earlier in January of the current year, a shooting took place on Paris involving 2 brothers who made their way into the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 people in an incident that the Islamist Terrorist group Al-Qaueda branch in Yemen took responsibility for.

This incident has caused a huge impact not only in France but in the entire world as more activities of this nature have been occurring. Meanwhile in Paris, a number of restrictions has originated involving the filming of action movies in Paris but it has also caused a wave of things in the world of football.

The chairman of the 2016 Euro’s Jacques Lambert has recently stated that there is a real and tangible threat to the approaching tournament which is going to take place in France starting from June 10 and ending on July 10 of 2016.

“The terrorist risk was present from the beginning. When I wrote the host bid in 2009, the terrorist threat was part of the 12 risks identified as major at an event like this.What the events in January have changed is that a theoretical risk has become a tangible risk, palpable, since it was carried through.’’

“It doesn’t probably change much for the security professionals regarding preparations of the event. But you see that for everyone, public opinion, media, teams, it adds a special intensity,” he explained.’’ Jacques Lambert told the media.

In order to protect the players, managers and everyone that is going to be involved in this competition a number of changes are expected to be made in order to avoid any unnecessary events of the nature that have been happening.