Eliaquim Mangala feels that France have the best manager to deal with the Euro 2016

Manchester City defender Eliaquim Mangala feels that France have the best manager to deal with the Euro 2016 in the form of Didier Deschamps.

The former Marseille manager has been leading the national team for the last three years. Even though the national team has been going through a period of crisis with the lack of young and upcoming players to supplement the former stars,Deschamps has been able to get a decent set of results so far. The biggest challenge for the manager will come in the Euro 2016. Since France hosts the tournament, they have already qualified and have been involved only in friendly matches so far.

This is not likely to provide a big challenge to the team. As a result, the manager will have to call upon his experience in order to find a way to motivate his players.Deschamps now setting out to about winning with the French national team after having been part of the 1998 team that won the World Cup in front of their own supporters.Deschamps has been relatively successful manager, but there have been few who have replicated national team success both as a player and as a manager. The home advantage will be a major aspect that could determine the success of the French national team.

“He had a fantastic career and knows all about success. He was captain of the World Cup-winning side in 1998, so he knows what it’s like to be part of a group. And that was in France, so it’s similar to what’s coming up at the Euro. That’s a benefit because you can say whatever you want but if you haven’t experienced it, it isn’t the same.He’s already been through it and when the time comes he’ll have the right words for us. He will know how to do things so that we’re in the best possible condition,” saidMangala.