1. great performance from England when they had some real quality players maybe even World Class with Robson, Shilton etc odd how France went thru to the third place play-off after that defeat and England never lost a game but went home early..

  2. brazil 82 for me are the most spectacular and exciting attacking team,as i watched every world cup and its teams since 1978 to 2010,but the best team ever is 1970 brazil and i got every single one of their 90 minute games throughout the tournament in mexico,quite simply the best,in every aspect.

  3. Yes those people are just going on what they see now and all the hype.To me the Golden Age of great players/teams and certainly Brazilian football has long gone.That W.Germany side of the 70s was awesome,so consistent.

  4. to be fair,those who say spain are the greatest ever probably were not around to see what we have seen.i would say brazil70 were the greatest ever though i vaguely remember them and can only go on the clips i have seen. holland 74 and west germany 70-74 were also fine sides to dad said1950s hungary were the best but i wasnt around then!

  5. You speak my language dude.I have all the games Brazil played in that world cup in Spain 82,and what weather we had back then,it was a scorching summer,which matched the quality of the teams and matches!Today’s games and teams are just pure hype and no substance,Spain are a quality outfit,but pale into comparison to Zico’s wonderful Brazilian team of 1980-1982,still the finest team I have ever seen.

  6. in those days you looked up to the players and had the utmost respect for most of them.hate to see players not singing the anthem and that doesnt just apply to england.i remember mick mills genuine tears at the end of the spain match.he knew his international career wasover. thats how much it meant to him. where have we gone wrong i think we all know the answers

  7. yes it was and how annoying that it has largely been forgotten,especially how well england did.that squad was capable of winning the unlucky with injuries and keegans header.people say spain are great but i think brazil82 would have taught them a lesson. only remembered for germany/austria fix and the most blatant taking out of a player ever seen, overshadowing northern irelands glory.scotland were unlucky too

  8. i remember a certain local radio pundit describing morley as ‘not a great crosser of the ball’. im no expert and didnt see him week in/out, but who crossed for withe to score that triumphant night,having turned the german defender inside out? he can count himself very unlucky not to make the 82 squad such was the competition for places back then(unlike today).i believe he ended playing for sutton coldfield town and still lives in the area

  9. i dont think this england team got the credit it remain undefeated and concede only one goal and to beat a french team of that quality so convincingly was a remarkable fete,considering the two best players were injured for most of the tournament.if keegans header had gone in ,who knows? keegan was dropped too soon and the team should have been built on.i never saw/heard of ron greenwood again.his input could have been so useful to future england managers

  10. To be fair Brooking was a bit before my time though remember the time he bossed the game in the qualifier v Hungary. I may be a bit biased for Morley as a Villa fan. I remember Hoddle ripping us a new backside in the mid 80s at the start of the season at Villa Park. Here’s hoping for a result tonight – long time overdue a semi final overseas

  11. Cette année là, ils ont joué une bonne coupe du monde.
    La différence s’est faite au goalaverage.

    Ils étaient très sérieux dans leur jeu et le schéma tactique (1 but encaissé seulement).

  12. Yeah, what a wonderful World Cup. It was the first with 24 teams? How much memories. I, also, like to watch everything that happened around the tournament. If anyone has anything to post here about that WC it will be very nice to learn about.

  13. What about the 1970 world cup quarter final v west germany,and there were no quarter finals in 82,there was a second group stage and then the semis.I remember this world cup well and england played a lot better (they could actually keep and control the ball) than in any world cup after 1990.

  14. This was a beautiful and memorable world cup,so many quality teams and players on show at their peak.I’d love to watch every match from this world cup,simply the best ever.Brazil of course were the talk of the town in Spain 1982,simply majestic and unforgettable games in this tournament.England had a fine team too.

  15. those cup finals hoddle was class wasnt he, never really re produced at England though that goal against Bulgaria on his debut and the goal against spain were a bit special.:)

  16. I think Brooking and Hoddle were different players. Hoodle was regarded as a luxury with his outrageous skill where as Brooking brought more players in to the game. Seen a lot of footage of Brooking lately which a lot of people wouldnt have seen, he had this amazing ability to throw a player the wrong way and leaving them for dead not even going at pace. Morley was awesome on his day, particularly that goal at Everton.

  17. To be fair, it was Englands last tournament victory over France as they drew 0-0 in 92 lost 1-2 in 04. :/

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