1. don’t worry guys we will have such good days again and i dont mean this romanian national, i mean the golden romanian generation. We have young kids of 12 years and they are already super duper talented. in a few years we will have again a team like the GOLDEN GENERATION!! I am not joking i am SERIOUS.

  2. lol now bosnia and france romania will be 4th not trying to be a ass but those belarus players have skill so they will take 3rd

  3. the person that disliked this is clearly a big dickhead…or a racist prick…..great video respect from england

  4. ok frist im spanish and second hey at least the americans have a taste of what the world cup is…WIN!!! 4 me, fail 4 u good day bitch

  5. FUCK FRANTA …gamoto spititous mlka..they are fucking luckei people:X:X:XRomanian have hurt they are plaing white hurt <3 ROMANIA...GREECE are white you

  6. Romania 1-1 Albania
    Luxemburg 0-3 Bosnia ( 6. Ibricic, 12 Pjanic, 16. Dzeko)
    France 0- 1 Belarus

  7. yeah France lost to Belarus, that was really fuckin’ sad hahaha, but ye Pjanic, Dzeko, Ibisevic, best 3 players in the whole group. we got this shit in the bag. 😉 time for us to be on top of football down in the Balkans.

  8. we just destroyed Luxembourg 3-0 n second in group 2 will be romania or france my money is on romania

  9. The battle for first should be a battle between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Romania. France is pathetic, they shouldn’t be as big a challenge, but they always pull it out of their ass somehow. If Bosnia had a valid coach, I’m sorry Romania, but you would get wrecked by us, Dzeko is miles better than your best player. Don’t believe me? Watch him play or look at the stats.

  10. Bosnia will be a really pain in the ass. XD
    I think that Bosnia will be first in group D. France and Romania will be second i THINK.

  11. pfaaa .. ai strikt montaju cu penaltyu ala :((

    FORZAA MUTUUU !!! oricum fara el nu ajungeam nici pana akolo 😉

  12. eu zic k romania se va califica si punct. si va face un scor bun cu belarus si albania.


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