1. On the contrary my friend. I am agreeing with what Sol Campbell said, certainly not supporting English scum or the bigoted Islamic supporting BBC. I have no love/hate of the Ukrainian people, but I love the Polish people & have many good friends from Poland. Please tell me where I expressed hatred in my comment towards either Poland or Ukraine. If anything I was systemically taking England down.

  2. You are brainwashed by BBC using Nazi methods. BBC presented a few idiots and you immadietaly blame, offend and hate all the Polish and Ukrainians nations. Similar thing made Nazis in Germany – they presented the Jews and the Poles as persecutors and the Germans hated POland and killed millions Polish and Jewish people. You have seen 30 minuts of dishonest programm being hate propaganda and you are infected by hate from BBC – you hate us and offend our countries.

  3. speaking the truth your hmmm maybe…. MENTAL MODEL MK?

    o yesssssss absolutly.

  4. F99-F99 Unspecified mental disorder
    Mental retardation
    Classification and external resources
    ICD-10 F70-F79
    ICD-9 317-319
    DiseasesDB 4509
    eMedicine med/3095 neuro/605
    MeSH D008607

  5. Campbell is absolutely 100% correct. England fans (sic; football tribes & clans), stay at home & watch it on the TV. Because step outta line in the Ukraine & chances are YOU WILL DIE! Both Poland & the Ukraine are technologically & culturally more advanced than England. But primitively, these people are still stuck in Medieval times. England might be the standing joke of Western Europe, but that won’t stop these Eastern Euro nations from slaughtering them! Kudos to Sol for speaking the truth.

  6. beautiful British propaganda in the Soviet style. As for me, the message is clear do not fly to the euro in 2012, spend money at the Olympics in London, where it is safer not have bombings and riots in the streets where residents set fire to their own city and rob their neighbors.. BTW 500 000 British visit Poland every year… 43,426 incidents of racism were recorded in 2009 in United Kingdom where in the same year in Poland 209 cases of race related crimes were recorded…..

  7. Obviously some Eastern Europeans have learnt nothing from History. Hitler hated them as much as he did the Jews. These racist thugs are a bunch of pussies anyway. Notice how they attack in packs and then pick on those least able to defend themselves. Get one of these thugs on his own and he will run like the piece of shit that he is.

  8. well it’s better to be warned – eastern europe is not as pussified as western europe – you step out of the line nigga and you get smacked

  9. Yeah, I live in Poland. Everybody here have a swastica tattoo on each side of the head (even infatns when a baby is born we make this tattoo instead of this old-fashioned baptism). Everybody hate Jews, blacks, Gypsies, Eskimos, Aborigines, Indians and Aliens from Mars. We eat raw meat, live in caves and our place is one big shit-hole. This film shows me one thing. YOU CAN FIND IDIOTS EVERYWHERE EVEN IN BBC!!!


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