1. The World Basket ball Champions have gone home now They have won the “World PUP ” title… The FIFA president laughed at Ireland being eliminated by cheats ..what a waste of Rules.

  2. although ireland has a small population they have one of the largest fan base in the world while france struggle to sell tickets as the manager and team are unpopular
    Without a doubt ireland would have used up all of their ticket allocation and brought a hell of a lot more to the world cup with the green army than the shambles that was the french attempt.

  3. an excellent point. I’d say they’ve already spent it by now! Living it up in the French Riveira in their new sports cars!

  4. with all due respect, let’s get our facts straight! Henry never actually admitted to ‘intentionally’ handling the ball (which he did)! He claimed in so many words to an Irish reporter that it touched his hand accidently and then looked away cos he knew he was lying! In a second interview with french media his deceitfulness and true disdain for fair play was further exposed, you can see that by typing this in this watch?v=TRLWMeDCx_U

  5. nice video * , As you saw the french stole our dream and even to this day it bothers me , and i hate henry sooo much and honestly i want him dead , i watched both matches and we were sooo close , and what pisses me off the most each french player was awarded £400,000 bonus for getting to south africa , and none of the french players had the heart or decency to give that money to an irish charity or irish childrens hospital someone dat needs the money

  6. info fans: only what is needed in football was finally to drive the video referee, to avoid the contested decision.
    See the world the revolutionary project IVSR net site. There is also a video on youtube MINICAM VIDEO REFEREE

  7. I cant believe this robbery Ireland should be in the world cup next year not the cheating french.

  8. lol…..listen lanODowd im Irish too so i do fuckn understand okay…we had lots of chances to win the game. Given could have played the ball and not thrown his hands up hoping for the ref to do something….

  9. no the reason is because if one country wants a remach then everybody wants a remach

  10. longisland495, Don’t buy into what Henry is saying too much at first he was blaming the ref for not spotting it, then, when he knew how much of the world’s attention was focused on it (and that his Gillette contract hung in the bal) he said what needed to be said…
    I like the vid by the way, I mean I can’t fault you as an American for not quite grasping the severity of the matter but you made reference to that yourself which was good..
    Video evidence should be implemented – but restricted!!!

  11. no dis respect mate but im irish but try put urself in my shoes. it was heart breaking. wer a small country and so close to beating the best. so dont go and pretend u understand.

    PS henry said ireland deserve a rematch after fifa said no. he did it because he nos fifa wont change their mind.

  12. Yeah I commend Henry for at least admitting the mistake. I imagine England also has a lot of influence too since the Irish and English are rivals.

  13. Let me tell u longisland495. Henry is not to blame. The blame is on the ref. The reason they didnt let the game be replayed is because France is a much larger country and will bring much more money to the World Cup than Ireland would. France has a population of around 65 million and Ireland only 4 million. if it were the other way around i think fifa would make them reply that game. But its all about the money…..

  14. Fifa not granting a replay is not all that surprising really as it would open a huge can of worms with any team who lost a game due to unfair play from their opponents could demand a replay. This would cause untold problems.

  15. no problem man, i can totally understand how peep’s from the states dont rate football, when your #1 access to football is the mls, which is slow, has no real talent, predictable, and no real history or passion, but if they actually experienced what football in the premier league, or la liga is about, then they would be consumed by it.. i have been to nfl, nba and baseball games, and none have had even a close resemblance toa real football ground, where you have non stop deafening shouting

  16. HAHA Who Gives a Shit? Ireland Were Guna Get Dicked in the WC, France have Just Embarrased thereselves and Are Guna get Diked in the WC/ USA Are Guna Get Dicked In the WC!

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