1. When I read all of that I was laughing, because that’s would be only one hundredth of Georgian history or achievements. Anyway, you’re a very insignificant country, so I’m not going to continue this argument with you (: Cheers!

  2. loool ur funny mann hahaha. U’re right there is a differnece
    -do you have neolithic temples?? (btw they’re older then the pyramids)
    -Phoenicians…. I don’t know that they ever came to georgia
    -Knights of St John kept the Turks away from Malta cos if they took it they would invade europe
    -When the French took over who overtook the French?? I don’t think it was Georgians but I think it was Maltese…. Yes I can definetly see the difference 🙂
    I don’t no if u got anyting to say

  3. When you’re talking about Georgia: you’re talking about 26-27 centuries of history, one of the earliest Christian churches, one of the most ancient European country… So yes, there is a significant difference between Georgia and Malta

  4. yeahh we are and although we are like that we don’t care I’m just glad we beat the crap outta you once… oh and btw there’s no diff between malta and georgia dude…. grow up!!

  5. That’s not going to happen, is it? :))) Stop dreaming, come back to the real world. I mean you’re fucking Malta (:

  6. i did not expexted… i though malta is very week team… but, i saw that malta has strong defence

  7. Somebody’s got really angry, didn’t he? Well, calm down, mate. It’s alright. Nothing new is going to happen to your team, it’s just going to end up on the last team in the group. The weakest teams usually do. So, no worries.

  8. yo dude y dont u shut the fuck up just remember who won a few months ago when malta and georgia met…. as far as i know it was 2-0 for Malta. How do you expect Malta to score away from home on such a bad pitch so SHUT THE FUCK UPP U FKNN MORON!!

  9. @zahpa1 @zahpa1 you dumb, and what you can do ?? >>> nothing, just writing comment and that’s it ?? We won and that’s the result !

  10. you dumb, and what you can do ?? >>> nothing, just writing comment and that’s it ?? We won and that’s the result !

  11. ураааа)))люблю тебя грузия))молодцы так продолжать

  12. ураааа)))люблю тебя грузия))молодцы так прдолжать

  13. siradze upro xshirad unda atamashos…tumca tavis sakme man chvenze uket icis… kochag… 

  14. It’s hard to be a loser, isn’t it? (: Your team is so awful, that I was not even happy with the result. You should have lost 7:0


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