1. still remember getting up early in the morning to watch this game.when i was knee high to a grasshopper.good times

  2. Ronaldo – who had been having knee problems during the tournament – was given an injection of the common anaesthetic, xylocaine, 10 minutes before his fit. The drug entered a vein accidentally, which sometimes causes a convulsive fit.

  3. Ridiculous loss. Y focus on Ronaldo when the whole of brasils attack was full of march winners??

  4. You French people has honored us with such victory. No matter we the brazilians still stand as the best soccer of this planet we must recognize that we have been defeated in that game by an outstanding french team.

  5. The funny thing is this: both teams heavily depended on their star player. Zidane for France and Ronaldo for Brazil. Don’t believe me? Then if this were false then Brazil would have won this one and France the 2006 World Cup.

  6. I love Brazil, but let’s face it. Ronaldo has a seizure that morning and Zagallo was stupid enough to start him anyway. That is why Brazil lost, not match-fixing.

  7. Good job uploading this video….great picture and SOUND…better sound than most world cup videos.

  8. NOT only are you freaking awesome for putting this here video on good sir, but you even let us have some great resolution. I can see the soccer ball (‘: thank you:D!

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