Franck Ribery out due to Injury

Franck Ribery sustained a back injury which forced the Frenchman to stay out of the 2014 World Cup as the player of Bayern Munich did not play a single match of the tournament. When that tournament was over, Ribery stated that his desire to retire from playing at the international stage as he just wanted to focus the remaining years of his career with Bayern Munich.

This is a reasonable decision for a player that is 31 years old and is currently performing in one of the biggest clubs in the world, Bayern Munich. The German club is not only intending to win the Bundesliga but also is aiming to win the Champions League.

Ribery is one of the most influential players in Bayern Munich and in order to solely focus on the objectives of the club, he decided to retire from representing France but the agent of Ribery has recently stated that one of the other reasons on why he decided to step down from France is due to events that occurred after the 2014 World Cup.

“He made the decision because there were constant debates about him. After his World Cup exit he was told that he is afraid of needles… that Les Bleus play better without him. When you hear that, it puts you in a negative frame of mind. Franck is an emotional person. I am convinced that his decision is the right one. There is no secret agreement with France coach Didier Deschamps that Franck will return’’ The agent of Franck Ribery, Jean-Pierre Bernes said.

Franck Ribery’s decision to retire from France has not arrived well for Michel Platini as the president of UEFA stated that Ribery should be banned if he refuses to represent France.

There are reports stating that Michel Platini does not agree or like Franck’s decision to retire from representing France because of the fact that Ribery is one of the best players in the French national team and without him, it will be difficult for France to have a good representation and performances in the upcoming 2016 Euro’s which will be held in France.