1. ….arguably closely matched when it came to dribbling skills and goal
    scoring ability. However, Cruiffs zonal awareness i.e. his passing and
    movement on the pitch and leadership qualities are without equal. There was
    and is simply no player in the world who thinks faster on the pitch than
    Cruiff, If Cruiff and the other 3 would have played in one team, each
    player at the peak of his abilities, Cruiff would most likely have been the
    leader. In my opinion Cruiff was overall the best ever.

  2. @salvi1979 Let´s not put words in someone else´s mouth shall we? We both
    know I never stated or implied that Cruiff was the only big player to
    influence football. I did however state that his contribution to football
    was bigger than any other player. The bottom line is that I disputed your
    claim that other players were bigger than Cruiff and you have not been able
    to refute any of my arguments about Cruiff’s superiority in terms of
    leadership, zonal awareness and his legacy. Have a nice day too.

  3. @salvi1979 That’s right, I’m countering with opinions but then again, so
    are you. It’s irrefutable that Pele and those others won world cups but
    it’s a highly refutable opinion that they are the best coz they won those
    world cups.You still have not been able to answer the 3 specific questions
    I posed to you previously, let alone refute the points I raised in those
    questions. You’r entitled to your opinion but the fact you can’t answer
    those questions raises serious doubts about your claim.

  4. i always hate how they always forget to put cruyff in the same list as
    maradona and pele he deserves it!!!

  5. @salvi1979 …..answering my questions. So what if Cruiff did not win a
    World Cup? He was far more influential for the victories of his teams than
    Pele was for the victories of Brazil. Sure, they both scored a lot of goals
    but only Cruiff, and nobody else, had such an incredible control on a
    match. Up to this day, nobody has a better sense of his team mates
    positions on the pitch while an attack is happening. Nobody makes his team
    mates around him play better than Cruiff. Not Pele, not……

  6. @salvi1979 Your point about my argument on total football would have had
    merit if I had argued that Cruiff´s or any other player’s superiority
    depended on him winning a World Cup but that´s not what I argued is it? You
    place emphasis on World Cups won, but I say that the legacy a player leaves
    to the whole world and his individual qualities as a player are far more
    important for determining the best overall player. I have already explained
    why Cruiff is the best based on his individual……

  7. the way cruyff and his teammates talk it seems like they were arrogant
    ahead of wc final. deserved to lose that final for disrespecting opponent.

  8. @jaybloke100a the problem with your argument is that “total football” from
    the dutch never won in fact it lost 3 Finals and a couple more deep WC runs
    from the dutch…I cant put that above people that actually were successful
    in the tournament of tournaments the World Cup.

  9. Pele, Maradonna and Zidane are great players. But Cruyff created total
    football and changed the game forever. There’s no argueing that Cruyff is
    the greatest.

  10. …’s not the number of World Cups won that makes a player the best
    ever in my estimation, it’s his effect on the world of football next to his
    individual talent that makes him the best. Cruiff has infuenced trainers,
    players and the game in general unlike any player before or after him.
    That’s why I call Cruiff the best.

  11. The joke is on you buddy because you’r clearly grasping at straws
    here….First you said that I implied that Cruiff was the only big player
    to influence football, which is factually untrue, and when I adress this
    issue you imply that I try to pass of opinions as facts. Very strange. I
    never presented my opinions as facts. I know the difference between fact
    and opinion, do you? Now how can I refute someone by stating another
    opinion? Very simple, by supporting my opinion with arguments which….

  12. @salvi1979 “…so save it because I will never ever change my mind
    especially with the weak argument you are bringing…” Not mad huh, well
    I’m glad to see you can still laugh. LOL. Anyway, thank you for your reply.
    Your argument is not difficult to understand. If you read back my earliest
    posts you will see that I wrote that I too think that Cruiff and the others
    are a close match in terms of dribbling and scoring. Where we disagree is
    that they are comparable in terms of vision…..

  13. @jaybloke100a What arguments are needed to counter a opinion? LOL You
    simply think Influence overshadows winning…I think Winning is the
    ultimate influence. And as for Total Football…Cruyff was the best at
    playing Total Football….but he didnt invent it that was Mr Reynolds and
    even he got it from Hungary in the early 1900’s….do your research bro LOL

  14. “We knew we were much better.” Contrast that attitude to Beckenbauer – who
    said later that the teams were “about equal”. It’s that attitude in 1994
    that led to Barca’s defeat to Milan. You have to respect your opponent

  15. Pep Guardiola sounds very reverential whenever he speaks about Cruyff….we
    can easily see why! Pep has fully internalized Johan’s philosophy and add
    his own methods and courage to make current Barca probably the best club
    side ever! Messi may not be heir-apparent to any of the greatest
    players……he’s simply original and may be the greatest ever in another 3
    yrs time!

  16. At the end who did the guy mention? I heard Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, and
    someone else.

  17. to be great, u have to prove ur self in the world cup holding ur team on ur
    shoulder like maradona zidane pele ronaldo (the phenomeno) messi have
    difficulties against italian teams and big teams in the world cup he is in
    alower stage or level among those players

  18. @salvi1979 LOL Are you getting mad over an internet debate? Calm down son
    hahaha. As far as the 3 questions are concerned, I will repeat them
    again.1) Did Pele or any other player have greater leadership skills than
    Cruiff and if so, why? 2) Did any player have more zonal awareness than
    Cruiff and if so, why? 3) Did any of them leave a greater legacy to the
    entire world than Cruiffs total football and if so, why? If my arguments
    for Cruiff being the greatest are so weak then you won’t mind…..

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