1. Messi is one of the best penalty takers right now. Every player has missed an important. Has everyone forgotten about Ronaldos missed penalties?

  2. That doesnt even count, He wasnt even needed lmao. Messi was benched because of the coach

  3. Ronaldo is the best+ when Ronaldo was 19 he played the final in the euros and when was 19 he was on the bench for argentina in wc 2006

  4. Player of the year usually is the best player on the Winning team. He’ll win it in 2012 to make it 4 in a row. Xavi is the brain in the team, he deserved Motm. He wasn’t selected because he was INJURED in the Semi Final, he was suppose to be out for months but he came back being almost fully fit in a week! He wasn’t chosen for the squad because of the injury. He was young and now he is the best player in the world!

  5. haha messi didn´t won la liga player of the year 2012 it was ronaldo!
    and he hasn´t won ballon d´or 2012 because no one has won it yet
    and in the champions league final 2009 messi wasn´t man of the match it was xavi, and he didn´t won the champions league 2006 because he didn´t play the final He was not even selected for the match, and the la liga trophies 04-05 and 05-06 he wasn´t a big part of them

  6. His missed penalty in the Bundes Liga and his missed penalty in the Champions League, remember?

  7. Cech didn’t save that penalty, it had nothing to do with Cech, it hit da post u retard!

  8. SEÑORES SEÑORAS en este video se ven los unicos penales que a metido messi
    por que messi en los penales no es muy bueno que digamos y menos en los que son importantes como en el de la champions contra chealse

  9. MESSI- Natural talent

    RONALDO- actual talent

    I am a hardcore messi fan but this is true

  10. Who else finds it funny that at 19 years of age Messi was taking penalties ahead of the likes of Ronaldinho, Eto and Henry?

  11. Happy Birthday Messi ♥♥!
    He is just 25 years, but he has already rule the world.

  12. no-no…against bayern(1) against athletico (2) and against turkey…im so sorry

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