1. it’s true about you said, I also believe he is being marked all the time that’s why he isn’t able to dribble and score as much as before. When everyone has their mind set on you and ready for your everymove, it won’t be so easy anymore. Messi’s just human, he could only do so much of what he can do, unless he can also fly, which is unlikely.

  2. Is is just me or has messi gotten slower over the past few years.. and also his dribbling is not as good as it used to be…people say thats because there are more players marking him now…but that was true even before..i have a feeling ever since he started putting on muscle this is happening

  3. Right now messi doesn’t do much because he knows Barcelona is going to win if they are loosing messi will do something like in milan v.s Barcelona losing by 2 messi came and score 2 goals so Barcelona is not loosing anymore

  4. messi is not the best ever as Messi has not even brought one single new move to football, he just copies others. His free kicks, his shots, his dribbles have all been done before. Pele changed football

  5. I wonder ronaldo and messi said to each other in min 2:11, messi has a lil smurf on lol

  6. watch?v=y81HK206zVA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    That’s the url for the song on this video, it’s a remix it isn’t the official version… it’s a remix made by dj Nadi$h of the song “Creatures lie here” by drake eminem lil wayne and someone else…..

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