1. why is it that argentina win the friendlies but germany beats them in the tournaments?

  2. are you fucking retarded, when ronaldo first came to spain there was a packed stadium welcoming him to Madrid, a fan ran on stage but security guards got him before he could reach Ronaldo. Ronaldo stopped them and gave the fan a hug, after the ceremony Ronaldo caught up with the fan and convinced the officers not to charge or arrest him because he was simply a dedicated fan. Learn the facts before you say shit about the greatest player in history. RONALDO NEEDS NO ONE TO MAKE HIM AMAZING.

  3. 6 massive security guards should have jumped that guy, smashed him face first onto the pitch, and dragged him off the field by his ankles – then take him into an empty corridor, beat him, crack a couple ribs, then zip plastic ties around his wrist, call the police and had him charged with causing a public disturbance – then the police should have randomly pulled the car over and repeatedly punch him in the face – then finally loosen the cuffs, tell him to slip his hands through, and shoot him.

  4. @781jb they actually did, when Ronaldo was presented at the bernabeu 3 years ago, a fan ran up to him and gave him a hug, after the, everyone in the stadium came running towards him for a handshake or a hug, check your facts mate, cause all your comments on every vid are incorrect, check your facts 😉

  5. You Dont See Ronaldos Fans Running Out Tryna Shake His Hand, Bc They Kno The Douche Bag Wont!!

  6. what an idiot, he could’ve waited 40 more seconds then he made a chance that messi would gave him his shirt

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