1. “We are better than Brazil” My ass, Brazil are unstoppable and portugal
    have only won 2 world cups .”

  2. to be honest.. my favorite par is 12:15 :0 my gosh! I love pele and
    brazilian football tho!

  3. Well the fact that Puskas considered Pele the greatest player, even greater
    than Di Stefano, is worth remembering. He literally said that no player
    should be compared to Pele. There is no other player dead or alive that has
    transcended football like Pele. He is the living embodiment of the
    beautiful game. By the age of 21 he was already a legend with his feats for
    club AND country. What separates him from almost everyone else was his
    longetivity at the top. Truth hurts but it is what it is.

  4. @andreyus08 im not ignorant like you who only read statistics. eusebio won
    a golden boot, pele never won it. if pele was born irish he’ll never be
    famous, brazil will win those world cup even without pele. puskas won the
    golden ball in 54, he played a major part unlike pele who only play in the
    second round in 58, garrincha won the golden ball, and in 62 he didnt play
    at all but he got the winning medal, puskas only play one world cup. di
    stefano cant represent his country cuz of fifa regulation

  5. Your useless attempt to try and discredit Pele and his status as the
    greatest football player of alltime, is no different than those who try to
    discredit Sugar Ray Robinson as the greatest pound for pound boxer of
    alltime or Muhammed Ali as the greatest heavyweight champion, and Michael
    Jordan as the greatest basketball player of alltime. So it ain’t nothing
    new. I know it hurts you, but you can’t change history.

  6. Mario Zagallo is such a racist person: “when we saw him, who’s that black
    kid” I never knew Brazil would have the same black stereotype just like in

  7. Una mano al pecho hay un jugador mas completo q el rey…no lo hay,el mejor
    de todos los tiempos .

  8. How many times Puskas FACED Pele ?! Yep, that;s right, ZERO 0, NADA,
    NIENTE, NULL Clint Eastwood once said that everyone has an… “asshole”.
    That’s Puskas’s opinion. thank you

  9. You can’t directly compare players from 2 different eras, you have to look
    at their impact in the game while they were playing. Pele was widely
    recognized the best player in the world from 1958 to 1970. If Messi or
    Cristiano Ronaldo can stay at the top of the world for 12 consecutive years
    (winning a WC in their farewells), then they can compare to Pele.

  10. so he was excellent player who was best player in world for like 20 years
    who was best player in two different eras,eras that produced some of most
    greatest players of all times and he was best of them all,but he is not the
    best of all times couse he have awesome team mates around him but let me
    guess Messi is,guy who is only good playing for machinery called Barcelona
    while outside of that machinery he is insignificant

  11. @rifway22 In 62 he didn’t play at all??? In 62 he played in the first two
    games. He scored in the first games, and got injured early in the second
    game. In 58 he scored goal in the quater final, scored a hat trick in
    semi-finals and was man of the match, and scored two goals in the final and
    was man of the match. He was only 17 years old! He won the young player of
    the tournament. 12 years later at 29 he was still the best player in the
    world. He won the golden ball for the 1970 world cup.

  12. @bolder2009 well george best in that time and cruyff also did great things
    with a ball but pele he is an inventor just like cruyff

  13. If at Pelé’s era it was easy, we’d have Pelés everywhere. Simple as that!
    Tell me, how many players in the 50’s and 60’s scored 1000 goals at age 29
    ? It wasn’t easy, he is who made it look easy. Pelé doesn’t actually need
    any statistics. He was simply the most complete player ever. With a special
    highlight to his headers, Pelé is just 1,73m tall (5’8).

  14. Because he was dubbed a ‘national treasure’ in Brazil and his team was
    forbidden by the government to sell him you dumb ass. Besides, if you think
    that a match between e.g. Fluminense and Santos has no pressure you’re evn
    dumber than dumb. Supporters over there get physical against a player who
    doesn’t deliver!

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