1. There is an only one Ronaldo´╗┐ and his name is….
    Ronaldo Lu├şs Naz├írio de Lima
    All other Ronaldo are simply fake!!!

  2. “…record first player to win 3 ballon dor…” NO WAY!
    First 3 Ballon Dor Johan Cruijff (’71, ’73, ’74).
    First 3 Ballon Dor consegutive Michel Platini (’83, ’84, ’85)
    Ronaldo won two times ’97 and ’02
    He won 3 times the´╗┐ FIFA Player (’96, ’97, ’02)

  3. this should be in 1080p
    Long live the greatest striker ever:´╗┐ o gordinho, Ronaldo R9!

  4. ok and let me destroy you. with the statistics of the fenomeno.
    age 16 cruzeiro 46 games 44 goals…record
    age 17, 18 PSV 57 games 55 goals….record
    age 19, 20 barcelona 49 games 47 goals….record beaten by messi
    world cup 15 goals…..record
    first player to win 3´╗┐ ballon dor….record
    first player to play in 2 biggest teams in italy and spain and score against all of them….record (inter, ac milan, barcelona, madrid)
    2 world cups
    2 copa america
    1 confed cup
    1 uefa cup
    and more…

  5. You must be referring to Messi about the most goals in a single season? But he doesn’t play for madrid.´╗┐

  6. Well now if you didn’t jump into the conversation that I was having with someone else then you´╗┐ would know that huh? Go ahead and check back with me´╗┐ when you find out.

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