1. He was an awesome player, but he was never the same after he collapsed in the dressing room on the eve of the final of France 98 World Cup Vs France, and the rest is history Zidane scored two great goals and France won that tournament !

  2. u are clearly one of the most stupid people alive..its not a question its a sure.. ronaldo never was in his prime becouse of his injuries..and evan when he was young he was like 5 times better than what u see in this days the overrated players like messi or c ronaldo.. the best football players said he was one of the best and couches said that what he has done none could your homework first..he could drible 8 players not like messi 3 4 players in a lucky day with refs and xavi and inesta

  3. 3:44 – 3:47 the symbol of the Club I’m Fan, the Clube Atlético Mineiro!
    First Brazilian National Champion! Awesome!

  4. That run from half way was breath taking but then the tackle….the most well timed tackle I have seen in the WC lol

  5. When he does the first turn from half and almost scores, it gave me chills. This man is playing as if there is nothing on the line. It’s the semifinals of the WC!! Absolute genius, breathtaking stuff. Greatest of all time!!

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