Hugo Lloris was the first of his France team-mates to lay  his fingers on the most coveted trophy in world football, after their superb run at the football mundia.The return to normality was always going to present a unique challenge. The question ‘what is next’ presents itself.According to Hugo Lloris the  answer to the question is straightforward enough: you go home, and you celebrate the World Cup victory with your country. Though, it is not so easy Psychologically. Lloris who is known as a level-headed character, a goalkeeper who does not get carried away with the highs or too brought down by lows, but even he found himself flattened by the emotional side of winning football’s ultimate prize.

When speaking to the media he said after the World Cup, the next two or three days there is a lot of celebration, a lot of obligation, towards the country, towards the French Federation, towards the fans and afterwards there is a feeling of emptiness Mentally and physically because It’s a long tournament which demands a lot of energy and a lot of emotion.