1. shitty video man, should be like this: (5 pele), 4(ronaldo), 3(zidane), 2(messi), 1(maradona)

  2. where is zidane,ronaldinho and cristanio ronaldo is not better than the other ronaldo

  3. This is probably the best five attacking players. But no Cruyff? Ronaldo (Brazil) is not in that class IMHO. You need to look at the records of people like Di Stefano, Beckenbauer and Lev Yashin as well. For info Pele played from the mid 1950’s until the 1980’s when he finished with New York Cosmos.

  4. there is no way Pele is #1, u ever watch he play? or just video? What dribbling skill Pele had? Or you just guessing?

  5. i agree with you Cristiano is a great player, but he is not better than the ones i mentioned. the thing that is different about ronaldo is that he plays for Cristiano ronaldo football club(he plays for just for him). now he still is one of the best players in the world but 2 or 3 stepd below messi.

  6. CR7 is SOOO underated. He scores every single fucking match but still gets called bad. Its so fucking biased! Just because he dives alot doesnt mean he isnt good. He is much more skillful than messi, better in the air, deadly power shot, can score from anywhere and is one of the best players ever.

  7. /watch?v=6bgYXwxCv24 check this one out the best player ever, there will never ever be another player like him. He was the greatest of all time I saw all his inter games live and most of the game sin the brazilian team, he was my hero and still is.

  8. yeh, brazilian ronaldo is amazing, in fact im part brazilian so i would agree with you all day long:D

  9. brazilian of course, the portuguese one can’t even be compared to ronaldo when he was at his best. And ronaldo was a great dribbler many of the dribblings we see today was created by him and copied, when he did those dribbles everybody was amazed because nobody had sen them before.

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