Philippe Lamboley does not appreciate the Red Devils management for handing over the shirt number of Anthony Martial to the newcomer Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

According to Lamboley that it was the number Martial had put on the previous season and it had proved to be great for him. So, he would have wanted to go with it again. The sources say that the club did not even ask Martial if he was okay with Zlatan taking his shirt number or not.

A displeased Lamboley was quoted as, “To say that Anthony remained unbothered by it would be a lie. Of course, it got him sad, but, for very little time. He was over it quickly like a true sportsman.”

“However, I was not over it quickly. I am still not over it. My personal view is that it was harsh; it was actually a lack of respect to be frank. Obviously Anthony did not drag it and it’s not a matter anymore, but, digesting a decision like that is never easy.”

On asked if only because of not getting his favourite shirt number that Martial was struggling, Lamboley said, “No, I am not saying that. That was a little bit of a hit on his morale yes, but, it’s not a rocket science to understand that when someone has a season as big as that and he gets only two weeks of time off, how fit he is going to be after that.”

“And it’s not that he played his matches in the less intensity competitions, we are talking about Premiership and Euros here for Goodness sake, featuring in such competitions takes a lot out of a Footballer and then you see that recovery time. It’s just too short, isn’t it?”