1. It wasn’t more deliberate at all, it’s not like this was an accident. He blatentley put his arm out, handled the ball twice and the cunts got away with it.

  2. For Fucks sake… Thierry Henry is still a legandary player no matter what… People in England still have the guts to look at Maradonna when he goes there even thought his hand ball was more delbrate than this one… So give the guy a break.

  3. Such a shame. France make it to the World Cup on this, then play like absolute garbage there and then there was all that mutiny bs. In the end, they go home at the group stage. What a waste of a WC qualifying spot.

  4. Henry should have his hand cut off, and the ref should b put down … FUCKING ROBBED

  5. stfu with all this cryin….one will do whatever it takes to win, irish player wouldve done the same thing given that opportunity….he’ll always be a legend get over it

  6. weelll like i dont like irish, but i mean, thats what france gets by cheating and wining: a sukky bad time at the fifa world cup! and 9i though t i luv henry(as a player……….

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