1. ronaldo had scored many by dribling past 5 defenders many times especially wen he was at manu..messi is never a complete player..see ronaldo can even chip but he rarely does he has done it agains spain but it was disallowed due 2 nani’s interfernce

  2. dude i never said ronaldo was the best layer in the world, i know very well i have eyes thank you, messi is the all time best and no one is close to the top, im just saying dont criticize ronaldo because he is also one of the all-time greatest futebol superstars

  3. He’s the best in ever sense, and he’s broken so many records, no need to mention but no one will break his records for at least 50 years, like Gerrard mullars record he just broke. As a Barcelona fan, or Football fan in general we should be grateful we r witnessing this guy perform. every coach and player admitted he’s the best ever, except Pele. and one day he will come to his sense too.

  4. maybe he hasn’t exactly scored from 36 yard, but a player doesn’t have to match every single other player strength in the world to be the best. i don’t remember Pele assisting 27 times in 1 season, or Ronaldo dribbling 4 ppl then scoring. Normally players r good at 1 or 2 thing. like Zidane was good play maker, that’s it, he didn’t score that many goals. Messi can Assist, score goals, take free kicks, take penalties, perform in big games, great vision, etc. no player is as complete as he is.

  5. there is a video of Messi scoring from outside of the box. trust me he’s scored some good goals, one i can remember was against Arsenal, which he scored 4 goals, his first goal. he’s got powerful shot.

  6. ofcourse u cant. why r u even comparing?? he could probably chip with his heel better than u (and me).

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