1. messi is the best player even cr7 can not be compared by messi with all my respect for the video maker

  2. Oh yeah I just remembered, on his Q and A he said, “Say KSI ARMY everywhere and piss people off,” LOL
    Note to self: Always say KSI army. 😀

  3. I know, we just feel like saying it. And telling us to not do it, isn’t going to make anyone stop.

  4. Mate, I wanna look at the comments but no people like you going KSI army everywhere. I mean, on videos like these, apsalutely nothing like KSI in any possible way you still say it, seriously man?

  5. They’re just there for the kicks. If you watch a video, and don’t want to see a bunch of ignorants fools blabber, then don’t scroll down.

  6. I’m a KSI fan but I don’t do it, every single video with this song on people say that. It’s getting so annoying to be honest 😛

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