1. Lionel messi ha what does he do to do FIFA president to get all those
    ballon de oro when he doesn’t deserve it.

  2. Thats because he had a disablitly when he was young and still has a little
    bit Dasher

  3. without xavi’s passing, messi wouldn’t have gotten the ball enough to score
    so many goals.

  4. all of ulll is a bunch of dumb fucks messi is the best player in the world
    and even cristiano admits it so ull should go fuck urselfs

  5. no necesitan amigo , con esa cantidad de dinero , usan goole translate , no
    los culper por no llenar su mente con algo tan arbritario como otro idioma
    cuando el dollar s universal, o perdon euros aun mas dinero, cheers its
    almost friday!.

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